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Enjoy your product within 12 - 24 hours. For quicker assistance, reach out via email or WhatsApp for expedited service

Delivery Options Overview

Enjoy the perk of free delivery on every product and service you purchase with us. Elevate your shopping experience with seamless and cost-free shipping, because at YTBiz, your satisfaction is our priority."

1. Order the Product and Specify the Delivery Method

2. You Will Receive an Order Confirmation Message

3. Wait for Your Order to Arrive

4. Pick up Your Order at The Checkout Area

Small items

Standard delivery Get it in 3-5 working days

Orders over $100: All day delivery. Order anytime:


Orders under $100: All day delivery. Order anytime:


Weekday time slot from 12noon - 5pm. Order by 9pm.


Next day delivery Get it next day, 7 days a week

All day delivery. Order by 9pm.


Weekday time slot from 12noon - 5pm. Order by 9pm.


What do we mean by small? Just about everything under the sun except for major youtube automation packages.

Large items

Standard delivery Get it in 2 working days

All day Delivery from 7am - 8pm. Order anytime:


Choose a time slot 7am - 11am, 9am - 1pm, 11am - 3pm, 1pm - 5pm. Order anytime:

From $35

Next day delivery it next day on weekdays

All day delivery from 7am - 8pm. Order by 7pm:


Choose a time slot 7am - 11am, 9am - 1pm, 11am - 3pm, 1pm - 5pm. Order by 7pm:

From $45

The big stuff. Key services like YouTube monetized channels, automation packages, and major YouTube enhancements.

Exchange or Return of Goods

Return Policy Overview:

Our return and refund window is for 7 days from the date of your purchase. If our channel gets demonetized due to our content (this happens very rarely), all you need to do is share a screenshot with our support team, they will investigate and replace you with a new channel or refund your entire channel without any questions asked. Will return the money. Refunds will not be issued after this specified timeframe, except in cases where our system experiences issues beyond resolution. Sorry, but we don't do refunds for other reasons. 

Additional non-returnable items:

  • YouTube Play Button codes
  • YouTube Channels over 100k+ subs
  • Content Creation


Is buying a pre-monetized channel worthwhile?

Yes! Buying a pre-monetized channel is beneficial, it saves you 6-8 months of waiting, allowing you to start making money from day one.

Which payment method do you accept?

We accept PayPal, Cash App, Crypto but if you have any other method please contact us on whatsapp/telegram.

Do you offer replace/refunds?

Absolutely, we offer refunds if our channel get demonetized within 30 days, or we'll replace it with a new one. Yet, be assured, our channels have sustained monetization for over 4 years.

Is next-day delivery available on all orders?

Yes, next-day delivery for most channels and YouTube play button codes. For content creation, delivery times vary by niche.

Can I get more discounts?

Certainly! We frequently run sales, so please check our website daily for the possibility of additional discounts.

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